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We ensure that our clients’ investment generates the highest possible economic returns.


How is it possible to mine if I don´t have the knowledge to do it?

It is necessary to have technical knowledge to mine cryptocurrencies in a profitable way. If you have an ally who masters this, you can passively earn income without worrying. GreenChain takes care of the entire mining process and delivers your earnings to you on a monthly basis.


If there is a Problem, GreenChain has the Solution


– Should I mine or buy a cryptocurrency?



– Which machine is the most profitable?

– How can I maximize my mining output with my machine?

– Where can I place my mining machine?

– Who will operate my mining machine?

– I have a different issue/problem.


– We indicate whether it is economically better to buy or mine a cryptocurrency.

– We indicate which machine generates the most economically.

– We indicate how to make your equipment generate more profits.

– We have places where you can place your mining machines.

– We operate your mining machine at 100%.

– We will develop a solution for your case.

Green chain

Proyect Portafolio

Farms currently mining:

  • San Carlos, Alajuela – Hidroeléctrico.
  • Tilarán, Guanacaste – Eólico.


  • Poás, Alajuela – Hidroeléctrico.
  • Sarchí, Alajuela – Hidroeléctrico.


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