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Design, Development and Project Operation

We know you want to minimize the risks of your investment. That is why we bring together our experience and technical knowledge to make this possible . Based on your property and capital, we develop a mining plant from scratch that optimizes returns.

We will take care of the creation, administration and execution of the crypto-asset mining project.

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If There is a Problem, GreenChain has the Solution


Running a project of this magnitude has its difficulties. That’s why at GreenChain we take care of all the existing aspects. 

Electrical plans creation, protection systems for current spikes, design of the establishment where the equipment will be housed, adaptation of the establishment to promote the useful life of the equipment. 

In addition, each piece of equipment, both hardware and software, must be purchased and installed. Resolution of technical problems and constant monitoring of the devices. 

Monthly reports on the proper functioning of the equipment and income deposits.


We have the solutions you were looking  for crypto-asset mining: 

– Project Creation

– Advice before, during and after the project

– Project management

– 24/7 technical service

– Installation of software and hardware

– Resolution of technical problems within 24 hours

– Multiple lightning rods

– Adequate electrical installations

– Constant temperature monitoring

– Monthly deposits without commission

– Use of renewable energy 

– Legal contracts



Approximate Time on the Return on Investments


Renewable Energy


Equipment Life-Span



“It is incredible how easy and sustainable mining can be with a solution like Green Chain.”

German A. Quesada, Green Chain COO

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